12 February 2011


For the newborn and the young children, there are many infections that can make them seriously ill. Fortunately for many of these serious and very contagious diseases, there are vaccinations available.

What vaccinations do is stimulate the child's body to produce antibodies that can fight and protect the child from these infections. Some vaccinations can last a lifetime, while others may need booster shots to 'strengthen' the antibodies titre (quantity) or make the antibodies last a long time.

As in many countries, Singapore's National Immunisation Registry has provided a recommended childhood immunisation schedule. (See chart)

At birth, the first 2 vaccinations (BCG and Hepatitis B) are usually done in the hospital. The subsequent vaccinations from age 1 to 18 months can be done at polyclinics, most family clinics or paediatric clinics.

In fact, the basic vaccinations are provided free at the polyclinics. The exceptions are Hepatitis B and Pneumococcus as well as the newer combination vaccinations that come with fewer side effects and injectable Polio (included in the 5-in-1 or 6-in-1 shots). There are also optional vaccinations to consider, eg., Chicken Pox, Meningitis and Hepatitis A.

Vaccinations scheduled for age 6 years (Pri 1) and 11 years (Pri 5) are conducted in the local primary schools by the School Heath Services. However, parents can choose to opt out and have the required vaccinations done by their family doctors. For secondary school girls, cervical cancer/HPV vaccine is also recommended.

Our clinics provide vaccinations for
1) childhood
2) adult
(Tetanus, Polio, Flu, Hepatitis A&B, Cervical Cancer/HPV, Chicken Pox, etc)
3) elderly
(Flu, Pneumoccocus, etc)
4) travel
(Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Flu, Polio, Tetanus, Meningitis).

For enquiries, please call our clinics:
AMK - 6554 2918
Novena - 6254 2008
nex - 6634 4918

*Edit* - from 1st Dec 2011, there is a change in the MMR vaccination schedule. The 2nd dose of MMR should be completed by age 2 (previously during Pri 1 at age 7).