Tuesday, March 9, 2021


Health Screening Packages

Different branches may offer slightly different packages. 

Additional tests like chest X-ray, ECG, Treadmill ECG, ultrasound abdomen, Bone Mineral Density scan, etc may be arranged if indicated. Tests specific to women may also be discussed, eg., mammogram, ultrasound pelvis and PAP smear/HPV DNA. Fees are chargeable separately.

Consultation fee or Practice cost will be charged depending on case to case basis.
All fees mentioned, if any, are NOT inclusive of GST.

You can generally walk in for the tests and there is no need for prior appointments unless there are special requests. 
You need to fast for about 10 hours before the tests. 

You may wish to call the individual clinics for details and appointments.
Please see below for the SAMPLE packages:

Contact Us

*CLINICS*: Telephone / Email

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For urgent matters, please visit/call the clinic branch directly for assistance.
We DO NOT accept requests for appointments via email.
We DO NOT discuss or advise medical related matters via email.
*Management and Admin (feedback)* Email: onedoctorsfeedback@gmail.com

This FEEDBACK mailbox is intended for non-urgent matters and feedback purposes only.
We thank you for your understanding if there is any delay in our reply.