Monday, January 10, 2022

Pre-Departure OR Self-pay COVID-19 tests:

1) PCR Swab Test (results usually within 24 hours, from Lab collection)

2) ART Swab Test (results usually within 1 hour, done in clinic)

3) Blood Serology IgM and/or IgG


PCR swab test - $150 (before GST).

ART swab test - $30 (before GST).

Blood IgM test (Anti-N) - $54.20 (before GST)

*Updated June 2023

Consultation fees are usually not charged if the visit is only limited to travel/pre-event Covid tests.

Available now at our clinics below:

1) OneDoctors (nex)

Find out more here (nex).

2) OneDoctors (Punggol)

Find out more here (Punggol).

3) OneDoctors (Ang Mo Kio)

Find out more here (AMK).

4) OneDoctors (Holland Village)

Find out more here (HV).

You must bring along:
1. Passport and/or Identity card

The blood and swab tests can be done during our clinic opening hours. But please call to make an appointment in order for us to prioritize you for the queue.

For PCR tests, generally the limiting factor is the authorised laboratory collection time from our clinics. The results will be available usually within 10-12 hours from the time the lab collects and receives the specimens from our clinics.

The estimated lab collection times are:
Weekdays - twice (before 11am and before 3.30pm)
Weekends - once (before 11am)

Please plan your appointment at our clinics according to your travel requirements. The test date and time will be reflected on the certificate.

You are responsible for confirming your testing requirements and window period that is in line with your destination country’s regulations.

You are responsible for ensuring that the your email and contact number provided are valid and to request for our help if the result is not received by 24 hours.

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