Saturday, October 10, 2020

Updates on National *ADULT* Immunisation Schedule 2020

 Updates on National Adult Immunisation Schedule

The National Adult Immunisation Schedule (NAIS) was initiated in 2017 in Singapore, in
recognition of the need for active prevention of disease amongst specific groups within our adult population. These groups of Singaporeans are eligible to utilise their Medisave funds to defray the cost of these vaccinations.

From November 2020, the Ministry of Health is going one step further in providing subsidies for these Singaporeans, so that their overall cost of taking these vaccinations (whether through Medisave deductions, or out-of-pocket payments) is further reduced.

Please see below for the outline of the NAIS:

(adapted from MOH website,

Feel free to drop by any of our clinics to allow our doctors to assess, and recommend if you would
benefit from taking any of the above mentioned vaccines.

What's more, from 1st November 2020, the Ministry of Health will provide subsidies for ADULT vaccinations at authorised clinics for all Singaporeans. Speak to your OneDoctors clinic to find out more.

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